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U.S. Army Environmental Restoration Program Website

The vision for the Environmental Restoration Program is to be a national leader in environmental cleanup; addressing past environmental releases that limit or prevent reuse of property. The Army’s environmental cleanup efforts are integral to enabling mission readiness by returning Army lands to usable condition and are critical in protecting human health and the environment from risks associated with substances and practices previously used in Army and Department of Defense (DoD) operations.

Cleanups at Federal Facilities

Learn about contaminated federal facility sites in specific communities, access technical fact sheets and find tools and resources to help government agencies and their contractors fulfill cleanup obligations. EPA’s federal facility information is easily accessible to ensure effective stakeholder involvement and accountability at federal facilities.

DOD Environment, Safety & Occupational Health Network and Information Exchange (DENIX)

The DOD Environment, Safety & Occupational Health Network and Information Exchange (DENIX) is a collaborative cloud platform used to share and report Department of Defense (DOD) specific environment, safety & occupational health (ESOH) information with the public and DOD communities. Supporting the general public; federal, state, tribal and local governments; international organizations; and the DOD, DENIX is the primary resource for DOD ESOH-related news, activities, initiatives, reports, training, and policies. More than 100 organizations call DENIX home, giving Subject Matter Experts a universal platform to communicate authoritative information and resources to the DOD ESOH community and stakeholders.